Haproxy custom acl whitelist and Specific IP Allow

ACL-Name-1         host matches:                      host1.example.com
Allow-Alias         Source IP matches Ip or Alias: 111.222.333.444

In the above we have two ACLs: host1 and adminIPs, for the adminIPs you can reference a pfsense alias instead of hard coding an IP if you need it to apply to more than one IP.

 Backend 설정

Actions : acl names: ACL-Name-1 Allow-Alias

Use Backend: Backend Name Object


Condition acl names 을 넣을때 각각의 ACL 리스트 구분에 쉼표나 세미콜론이 아닌 한칸 띠어서 입력하면 위 ACL 두가지를 충족해야만 접속이 가능하게 됩니다.


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